30 watermelons later…


During the week leading up to October 31st, we celebrated Halloween at Insan Cendekia! For all of the grade 10 and grade 11 classes, I put together a Halloween slideshow to discuss the history and culture of Halloween, as well as contrasting how the Holiday has changed over time and place.

After the slideshow, the students designed Halloween costumes, while we played Halloween music like, “Thriller,” “Monster Mash,” “Ghost Busters,” etc. One of the coolest parts about sharing Halloween at Insan Cendekia (IC) was that the students brought their own culture to the holiday! Many of their costumes represented Indonesian culture, such as the Pocong, an Indonesian ghost. In Indonesia, traditional funerals last for forty days. The deceased is wrapped throughout this forty day period and if he/she is not unwrapped after the funeral, his/her soul will haunt the earth for all eternity. The Pocong is a ghost because he was never unwrapped and thus haunts the earth! Here are some of the students’ drawings of Pocong:

IMG_3987 (1)


There is also Kuntilanak, who is a female ghost. She hangs in a tree and screams. She lurks around looking for the hearts of children to eat. She has long black hair and pale skill. Here is an illustration of Kuntilanak:


After we designed Halloween costumes, we had the students go outside the classroom and one by one or in small groups, Trick or Treat. They would knock on the classroom door and often times prepare a scary dance or chant and then holler, “trick or treat!” Bu Silva, Bu Trisna, and I would hand them candy. We gave them Indonesian candy, but also Tootsie Rolls (thanks to my parents for the foreign export service!)

After the Trick or Treating, we went outside to carve watermelons into jack o’ lanterns! Over the course of the week, the students of Insan Cendekia carved 30 watermelons! The students were highly skilled in carving, take a look at some of their creations:

IMG_3820 (1) IMG_3863

IMG_3789IMG_3714IMG_3782 (1)IMG_3950IMG_4002IMG_3965IMG_4154 (1)IMG_4150 (1)IMG_3849IMG_4163IMG_4049IMG_4141IMG_3817

I am so thrilled to have been able to celebrate Halloween with the students at IC. A big thanks to my co teachers, Ibu Trisna and Ibu Silva, for allowing me to bring Halloween into their school’s community!


One thought on “30 watermelons later…

  1. Really great pictures. It looks the the students had a really fun time with Halloween. Are watermelon are easier to carve than pumpkins? It would seem like they are equally difficult to carve.


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