Satu Muharram and a class field trip!

Satu Muharram is Islamic New Years! On the morning of Satu Muharram, there was a parade in Kota Gorontalo (the city of Gorontalo). Here are some photos from the parade: IMG_3229IMG_3245IMG_3223 I celebrated Satu Muharram (this year it fell on the evening of October 13th through the evening of October 14th) with one of the teachers at my school, Bu Dhe, and her husband Pak Akram, who is a professor at UNG (University Negeri Gorontalo). We went snorkeling first thing in the morning on October 14th! Here Bu Dhe and I are, on the beach, post snorkeling. IMG_3257IMG_3250 After snorkeling, we went for lunch in a little roadside Warung (café) and ate fresh fish! Here’s a chef in the back of the warung:IMG_3261

He is cutting up daging (meat). Here’s another chef grilling sate (meat on skewers/kabob) at the front of the restaurant.IMG_3262 After lunch, we visited a rice paddy plantation, where I got to rake rice and watch the process of refining rice! IMG_3292IMG_3279Here is rice in the final stage of the refining process:IMG_3362IMG_3364 Photographed above are sacks of dry rice after the refining process. After the rice paddy plantation we went to feed fish in Bu Dhe and Pak Akram’s fishpond! The setting surrounding the ponds was breathtaking and we enjoyed the view while munching on watermelon and es kelapa muda (iced coconut drink)IMG_3332IMG_3356IMG_3352

On October 31st, I tagged along on a field trip with all of my 10th students! It was a very sweaty adventure and a great way to get to know some of the students more personally, in addition to seeing and understanding more of the Gorontalo area. We loaded up in the MAN Insan Cendekia school bus at 8 AM on Saturday morning and hauled out for a day of jalan jalan (travel) IMG_4889IMG_4644Here we are on the bus:IMG_4198 (1)Our first stop was the gravesite of Nani Wartabone, the Gorontalo hero. We unloaded the bus on the side of the road and trekked up countless flights of steep rocky steps. From the top, we were able to overlook the port of Gorontalo along with the desas (villages) that lined the water. Here’s a photo of us hiking on the way up and a view from the top: IMG_4204 (1)IMG_4212 Next we ventured to the oldest mosque in the Gorontalo province. Here are a couple of photos of the students and me inside! IMG_4289IMG_4316Lastly, we visited Benteng Otanaha, a Dutch fort that was built while the Dutch still occupied Gorontalo. Here are a couple of photos of us before we started the hike up the stairs: IMG_4320IMG_4345IMG_4321 And here are a couple of groups of the stragglers on the way up, opting for photo ops over speed:

IMG_4354 IMG_4357. Benteng Otanaha provides spectacularly picturesque views of Gorontalo, which we enjoyed while eating lunch way at the top of this look-out fort. IMG_4366Here’s class 10iis at the top in orange pants:


Here I am with another class (class 10mia3) at the top of the fort:IMG_4411


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